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I’m very excited to be the incoming President for the 2023-2025 term! As many of you know, I will be taking over the role of President from my bestie, Kate Boyle, who has been the President of the LCA for the last 5 years. I wish to personally thank Kate for her many years of service to the London chapter of the OIAA and making it as successful as it has been. She has done a fantastic job as our President, and I can only hope that I can pick up where she left off!

We have an exciting year ahead of us planned, starting with our kick off event: Drag Queen Bingo on October 12, 2023 at The London Club! Our ugly sweater Holiday Party is scheduled for November 16, 2023, at the Lamplighter Inn, and it is always a fun night! We plan to continue with our 3rd annual Holiday Toy & Food Drive on December 2, 2023. In the new year, we will host our annual LCA Chili Cookoff and Trivia Night on January 25, 2024, at the German Canadian Club, so brush up on your trivia! On February 28, 2024, plan to attend our Annual Curling Funspiel at the Highland Country Club. A fun activity will be planned for June 2024 with details to follow. And we look forward to returning to our annual Golf Tournament in August 2024.

This is an election year, and we will be holding our Election and Dinner Meeting tentatively booked for April 18, 2024. We are looking for new Directors & Social Directors, so if you are interested, or you know someone you think would be interested, please reach out to me at to learn more about the positions we will be looking to fill. We will be looking for three new Social Directors and at least two new Directors to join the board! Joining this Board provides you with an excellent opportunity to meet new industry friends and peers and allows you to provide ideas and insight into planning the year’s events for our members! It is a wonderful opportunity and I strongly encourage anyone who has ever thought about joining the Board, to make this the year you decide to pursue it!

Our charity of choice will be Anova, which provides safe places, shelter, support, counselling and resources for abused women, their children, and all oppressed individuals to find a new start. Not only will we be collecting cash/cheque donaons at each event, Anova’s website also includes a wish list of their most needed items as well as an Amazon Wish List. If any of our members wish to donate any of these items, we will collect same at each event and make arrangements to have them delivered to Anova. Anova’s wish list changes monthly, so I encourage you to review their list prior to each of our events to see what you can help provide! Anova’s list can be found at: needed-items/ We take pride in giving back to our community wherever we can, and we appreciate your support!

I wish to give a shout out to our current Board members; all of this is only made possible through their hard work, dedication, and time. Our Executive team includes Kate Boyle (McKillop Mutual), Jennifer Moreau (Salus Mutual), Linda Pereira (Lambton Mutual), Michele Field (Trillium Mutual), and Cory Boyle (Definity Insurance). Our Directors are: Courtney Allison (Intact Insurance). And our Social Directors are: Warren Hamer (Larrek Invesgations), Nicole Niddam (RSM Canada) and Ayren Brown (Dyer Brown LLP). And of course, we cannot forget Wendy Barbour, bookkeeper extraordinaire!

I look forward to what this year has in store for us, and I am very fortunate to have been selected as Chapter President. I look forward to continuing our Chapter’s legacy in the OIAA and providing exciting networking opportunities for our members! We are lucky to work in an industry that allows us to make such wonderful and life-long connections!

Kelly Peck-McDonnell,
CIP President, London Claims Association


Courtney Allison
Director – Intact Insurance

Claims Representative, Casualty
Phone:1-800-265-4487 ext. 43461

Warren Hamer
Manager, Client Relations

Larrek Investigations
Phone: 519-501-4290

Nicole Niddam
Manager, Financial Investigation & Disputes

RSM Canada

Ayren J. Brown

Dyer Brown

Kate Boyle 2018-2023

Peggy Way 2017 – 2018

Linda Pereira 2016 – 2017

Lee-Ann Vansteenkiste 2015 – 2016

Kyle Case 2014 – 2015

Linda Pereira 2013 – 2014

Janet Annis 2012 – 2013

Peggy Way 2011 – 2012

Gary Annandale 2010 – 2011

Lynn Highley 2009 – 2010

Carey Parkinson 2008 – 2009

Calla Leitch 2007 – 2008

Leslie Galloway 2006 – 2007

Tracey Vandervies 2005 – 2006

Greg Fickling 2004 – 2005

Sherri Voutier 2003 – 2004

Mike Washington 2002 – 2003

Murray Ebel 2001 – 2002

David Bourke 2000 – 2001

Deb Purser 1999 – 2000

Nancy Bareisch 1998 – 1999

Mary Lynn Laberge 1997 – 1998

Keith Marentette 1996 – 1997

Kevin Reimer 1995 – 1996

Craig Musico 1994 – 1995

Emily Parkinson-Brown 1993 – 1994

Sharon Corlett 1992 – 1993

Steve Mckeown 1991 – 1992

Mike Summers 1990 – 1991

Chris Fearon 1987 – 1988

Peter Maurer 1986 – 1987

Lissa Regan 1984 – 1986

Ron Gorrie 1983 – 1984

Geoff Lund 1982 – 1983

Peter Hathaway – 1977

Kate Boyle, B.A. (Hons), CIP
Past President

McKillop Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: 519-319-5011

Heidi Bronnenhuber, CIP

Phone: 519-645-6500 ext. 3304

Linda Pereira, Treasurer

Lambton Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: 519-876-2304 ext. 238

Kelly Peck-McDonnell, CIP

Kent & Essex Mutual
Phone: 519-630-4782

Jordan Tremblay, CIP
Provincial Delegate

Phone: 519-649-6554

Pam Cecchin, CIP, CRM

Economical Insurance
Phone: 519-673-2508

Angela Cowen, CIP

Economical Insurance
Phone: 1-800-577-7717 ext. 57350

Michele Field, FCIP

Trillium Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: 519-291-9300 ext. 5713

Mackenna Frank, CIP

Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.
Phone: 519-432-3747 ext. 8408

Sara Marziali, CIP, CRM
Social Member

Phone: 519-451-6789

Jodie Snyder, CPA, CGA
Social Member

Davis Martindale
Phone: 519-673-3141 ext. 1248

Jeff Timmermans, CFE
Social Member

Xpera Risk Mitigation & Investigation
Phone: 519-884-6352 ext. 2233

Wendy Barbour, FCIP

London Claims Association
Phone: 519-434-4832

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